On-time care is a registered NDIS provider in Melbourne Australia

On-time support care is one of the renowned registered NDIS Providers in Melbourne, Australia. We provide intensive support to individuals that enable the participant, and their family to lead a fulfilling and happy life. Your needs, preferences, and interests are always our prime concern while designing NDIS plans that are promised to maximize your potential.

We deeply realize how important it is to have the best quality of services available to you at all times. To fulfil that vision, we regularly review our strategies and approaches to ensure your NDIS plan is perfectly suitable for you. Our NDIS disability services include Group/Centre Activities, Community Participation, Household Tasks, innovative community participation, Development of Life Skills, Daily tasks/shared living, Assistance in travel/transport, Assistance in personal activities, Assist life stages and transition, Accommodation-tenancy.

If you are looking for a Registered NDIS Provider, our team of experts can help you get the support you need by calling us at 1300 793 162. 


Our consultants take special care of individuals’ needs to meet NDIS rental properties.

These include taking care of participants,

  • Medication timings and needs
  • Personal needs like bathing and dressing
  • Meal preparation and cooking
  • Dietary requirements

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Group/ Centre Activities

Studies proved that group/centre activities can improve the physical and emotional conditions of the participants. They are encouraged to take part in NDIS group activities as it has several benefits.

Community Participation

Our social and community participation programs are designed in a way that will aid people who are in need of assistance. We promise to add value to their lives and will help them to live a fulfilling life in the long run.

Household Tasks

On-time Care helps with household tasks to empower the participant to become more capable of handling their daily chores on their own or with minimal assistance. Over time, participants are trained in various household tasks, which give them more independence and mobility.

Developmental Life Skills

This focuses on the development and acquisition of life skills aiming on individuals or group training. Life skills can include skills such as daily living, problem-solving, managing money, communication, and social skills.

Innovative Community Participation

The innovative community participation program aims at creating a communal interaction between people with disabilities and the larger community wherein they can interact with others in a social setting and participate in activities of their choice.

Daily Tasks/Shared Living

We offer Supported Independent Living (SIL) to our participants who need assistance with daily life activities. Supported Independent Living is different from Specialist Disability Accommodation. It helps participants to have more choice and control.

Assist Travel / Transport

To serve people with disabilities who depend on public transport, we offer a highly trained team who can offer them extra assistance. Hence, our dedicated personnel helps both the physically impaired and those with other types of impairments (such as cognitive or psychiatric) to travel freely.

Assist Personal Activities

On-Time Care is registered with the Australian Health Practitioner Registration Agency (AHRPA) and has a degree in occupational therapy. Your occupational therapist will be able to highlight your needs and requirements after the assessment of your NDIS personal care support to provide you with the right support and care.

Assist Life Stages and Transition

Assist Life Stage Transitions is a vital part of the NDIS. This can be used as a disability support service to assist in transition and adaptation within your life stage.


We have several comfortable short-term accommodations, medium-term accommodations and NDIS respite care properties available for our participants. All of our disability short-term accommodations are located close to cafes, public transport, and parks in the areas of Moreland City Council and Brimbank City Council.


Enabling citizens to live with dignity and independence in their preferred place, enjoy active engagement with the community and live in a culturally diverse care environment.


To empower, elevate and excel citizens’ journey towards a healthier and happier life.

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